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Here is a listing of updates made to this site since January 1, 2002. Also, starting on that date, new photographs and other material has been posted with their download size (if applicable) and their date of posting to the web site.


For the first time in probably two years, I have completed a major update to the web site. Updates and/or new material has been added to the Bibliography, News, Timetable maps, Central Region, New York City, Lake Region - Toledo Division, and Northern Region pages.


The A Sampling of Penn Central Google Earth Project has been added to the web site.


The FAQ and Stock Certificates pages have been updated with new information about the value of PC stock certificates today. (Hint: they're worthless.)


The model railroad product announcements page has been updated.


New pictures have been added in the Metropolitan Region New York City and the Eastern Region New Jersey and Philadelphia Commuter Area pages. I also update the Gondolas and Flatcars and Work Equipment pages as well.


New pictures have been added in the Metropolitan and Western Regions. Also, the Links and Model Railroad Decals pages have been updated.


The background appearance of the web site was given a new look.


New model railroad photos have been added, and the model decal listing has been updated. Three F7 drawings have also been added to the Clipart and Drawings page.

In addition, new pictures have been added to the Boxcars, Hoppers, and EMD Diesel pages. New pictures have also been added to the New Jersey Division, Cleveland Division West, and Cleveland Division Lake pages. A new listing of ore train symbols has been posted in the Operations section of the Library.

Effective immediately, I will no longer be including file size and date information on photos and documents on this site, as it has become too much to maintain. Such information will be removed as pages are refreshed. In these days of widespread broadband, large file sizes are becoming less of an issue, so it no longer makes sense for me to include file sizes on the web pages. Thank you for your understanding.


Upgraded the navigation menu code so it is now works with newer Netscape and Mozilla browsers.


Added a couple of new pictures to the Boxcars and Work Equipment photo pages.


Just a few minor cleanups, typo fixes, etc. No major updates this time around.


After a two-year hiatus, I have finally updated the Sightings page. I wish I would have done it sooner, as I found in my stack lots of neat pictures of former PC equipment which has still be running out on the rails over the past two years.


The E44 paint scheme roster has been updated, and I added Jim Homoki's decal listings to the Decals page in the Model Railroading section.


Updated the E44 paint scheme roster, and added a new GP30 paint scheme roster.


New FL9 pictures have been posted on EMD Diesels Page 1, and a new SW8 photo has been added to EMD Diesels Page 3. A new RS32 photo has been added to the Alco Diesels page. Also, a new Lot 122F coil flat car picture has been added to the Gondolas/Flatcars page.


Added a paint scheme roster of E44 electric locomotives.


Photo updates made to the Alco Diesel, Metropolitan Region - New York City, and several Eastern Region pages.


An improved look to the web site, along with a new name, were rolled out.


New pictures added. A group of new caboose photos have been posted, along with new Lake Region - Cleveland Lakefront pictures, including photos on the Whiskey Island and Main Line - Valley pages.


The archives of the Penn Central Mailing List have been finally uploaded. Also, new interlocking maps were added to the Official Track Diagrams page. (Thanks to Ed Portzline for the Eastern Region maps.)


Updated the links and model railroad news pages.


New pictures added to the Lake Region - Toledo Division, Lake Region - Cleveland Lakefront, Southern Region photo pages. New pictures also have been added to the EMD Diesel photos page 1 and page 2, and to the Alco Diesel photos page.

New materials added to the Employee Timetables, Passenger Service Materials, and Magazine Articles pages. New scans of Penn Central POST issues have also been added.


New pictures added to the Model Photos page.


New pictures added to the Boxcars and Gondolas and Flatcars pages.


Added some present-day comparison pictures to the Clark Branch Lake Region - Cleveland Lakefront.


Added a new archive of the PC Mailing List, dating back to its beginning in December 1996. It is not searchable right now, but will be eventually.


Updated the New Model Railroad Products and Model Railroad Decals pages.


Added a new Contact Form to the web site, and cleaned up some old HTML code throughout the web site. Added this What's New page. Moved four pictures from the New Haven Region to the New Haven Line page in the Metropolitan Region, as they were posted in the wrong place.


Even more new photos have been added to the New Haven Region, and new photos have been added to the Electric Locomotives and Gondolas and Flatcars pages. Also, the Passenger Service Materials page has cleaned up, and a New England Patriots special trains advertisement has been added.


Lots of new locomotive photos were posted. The EMD Diesel photos have been broken into three pages. The third page is all switchers. Also, one new picture has been added to the BLH Diesel page, and several new photos have been added to the Work Equipment page.


New photos were posted on in the Eastern Region, Cabooses and Cabins, Electric MU Cars, and BLH Diesel photo galleries.


55 new pictures added to the following photo galleries: Central Region, Lake Region - Cleveland East, Lake Region - Cleveland Lakefront, Northern Region, Northeastern Region, and Southern Region, Work Equipment and Cabooses and Cabins.



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