Gondola and Flatcar Photos


thumbnailPC 529872 rests at Clearfield, PA, on 7/18/81, next to the former ex-PRR freight station, since demolished. Photo by Jeff Feldmeier.

thumbnailPC class G37A gondola 534889, at Reynoldsville, PA on 10/5/85. Notice a "CR" stencil where the PC herald had been. Photo by Jeff Feldmeier.

thumbnailPC class G45 gondola 592047, photograhed at Moraine Yard south of Dayton, Ohio, on January 6, 2001. Photo by Gary Stuebben.

thumbnailSimilar view of the same car, but at a much higher resolution (and larger file size). Photo by Gary Stuebben.

thumbnailPC class G44a gon 598001 at North Deerfield, Massachusetts, on July 29, 1992. Photo by Evan Ferrari.

thumbnailAlso at North Deerfield on the same day was PC G44a gon 598115. Photo by Evan Ferrari.

thumbnailPC 598230, class G44a gondola, seen at Canton, Ohio, in May 2003. Photo by Joe Molesky.

thumbnailPC 598327 is another G44a gondola at Trenton, MI, in Marc 1995. Photo by Jeff Feldmeier.

thumbnailPC 606502, gondola, Cleveland, Ohio. Photo by Dick Ross. (80 K, 3/9/02)

thumbnailPC 622659 is an ex-PRR class G41a coil gondola. Photo by Jerry Jordak. (67 K, 1/26/02)

Ore Jenny

thumbnailPC 500888 is a G38 class gondola, better known as an "ore jenny." It is seen at Conway, PA, in 1994. Photo by Ken Roble, Jr.

thumbnailMany PC ore jennies wore their PRR paint until Conrail. An example of two are PRR class G39A's 13940 and 13882, seen in Cleveland, Ohio. Some PC ore jennies were sprayed with foam on their exteriors, like the foam remains on the 13940. The foam was supposed to keep the ore inside warmer and keep it from freezing, making unloading difficult. However, the experiment was not successful, and the practice was stopped. Photo by Dick Ross.


thumbnailPC 715532 is at Livernois Yard in Detroit, MI, on February 23, 1997. This car is now used as a crane tender and, when not out on assignment, is stored alongside Livernois Avenue just south of the yard office. Photo by Jeff Feldmeier.

thumbnailPC 715532 was seen again on July 5, 2001, this time at nearby Livonia, MI, in the Conrail Shared Assets area. The car is still there as of March 2003. Photo by Ken.

thumbnail PC 752302 is a class F50 coil steel flatcar with coil hoods. Photo by Dick Ross. (78 K, 3/10/02)

thumbnail PC 753116 is an ex-NYC Lot 122F coil flat, seen at West 3rd Street in Cleveland, Ohio, on April 2, 1975. Photo by Al Mixter. (81 K, 1/28/04)