Work Equipment Photos

Passenger cars

thumbnail PC 28155 MofW car, ex-passenger car, seen at Clearfield, PA, on 10/27/84. Photo by Jeff Feldmeier.

thumbnail PC 27124 MofW ex-passenger car at Clearfield, PA, seen December 3, 1989. Photo by Jeff Feldmeier.

thumbnail PC 28179 MofW ex-baggage/RPO car is at Lincoln Park. Michigan, on an unknown date. Photo from the Jeffrey Dobek collection.

Box cars

thumbnail PC 37769 is a former PRR X29 boxcar which has been neatly restenciled with new PC reporting marks. Photo by Dick Ross.

thumbnail PC 38468 class X29 work boxcar at Sewickley, Pennsylvania, Feburary 1997. Photo by Don Narris.

thumbnail PC 38493 class X29 work boxcar at Waynesburg, Pennsylvania, October 2001. Photo by Chris Osterhus.

thumbnail PC 38494 class X29 work boxcar at an unknown location in 1969. The image file is huge, but was scanned at 300 dpi to make the dimensional data readable for modelers. Photo by by Joe Quinn, contributed by Gary Stuebben.

thumbnail PC 38496 X29 class work boxcar, seen at Ferrona Yard, Sharon, Pennsylvania, on February 12, 2000. Photo by Jerry Jordak.

Gons and flats

thumbnail PC work gondola at Franklin Junction, Philadelphia, PA, on June 6, 1999. Photo by Stan Feldman.

thumbnail Assigned to carrying rail equipment, NYC 29522 is a 40 foot flatcar, seen here at Columbus, Ohio, in March 1987. Photo by Gary Stuebben.

thumbnail PC 31569 is a "wheel cradle" car, used to transport wheel sets between car shops. Defective wheels removed from cars would be sent out to be "turned", or scraped. The "turned" wheels would then be sent back to be reused at the repair shops. Some of these cars are also used to accompany wreck crews/trains to a derailment with sets of "derailment" trucks and "spare" wheel sets to be used at the wreck site. The car is seen at the Henry Ford Museum in Michigan. Photo by Jeff Feldmeier.

thumbnail This is a former PC crane tender, last owned by Metro-North. It still wears PC green paint and it's PC number 30052, is still visible. The car was photograhed somewhere is Massachusetts along the Conrail Boston Line in August 1992. Photo by Evan Ferrari.

thumbnail PC flat 31614 with crane unit at Conway, PA, on February 13, 1983. (One of these PC "UNIT" cranes was found in a field near Salem, Ohio--see the October 1999 Railpace magazine for a photo.) Photographer unknown, from the collection of David Williams. Contributed by Paul Hintz.

thumbnail This flatcar is used in MOW service, possibly to carry wheelsets or other equipment. It has a class of "FM1 " stenciled on it, along with the notation "THIS CAR IS EQUIPPED TO RUN IN PASSENGER SERVICE." Reportedly, PC had some flatcars that carried wheelsets that ran on the rear of passenger trains. Taken at ROSE interlocking in Altoona, PA. What is more interesting is the date of this picture: September 13, 2004! Photo by Gene Fusco.

Covered Hoppers

thumbnail Former PRR H30 class covered hopper 32307 was used by Penn Central in company service to deliver sand to locomotive servicing facilities around the system. It was photographed in 1974 in Buffalo, New York. The large "S" on the side stood for the Stores Department, a carryover from PRR days. Photographer unknown, from the Sean Lamb collection.

thumbnail PC 32349 is another ex-PRR H30 hopper, used in sand service. This car was photographed at Avon Yard near Indianapolis, Indiana, on July 7, 2001. Photo by Ken and Terry Roble.

thumbnail Class H34D covered hopper at Jackson, MI, April 7, 1990. This car was being used for diesel sand storage. Photo by Jeff Feldmeier.

thumbnail Another class H34D covered hopper, this time at Conrail's North Yard in Hamtramck, Michigan (northeast Detroit). This car was also being used for diesel sand storage and is no longer moved--notice the pipes attached to the car and the missing couplers. Photo by Jerry Sundin.

thumbnail Class H34A hopper 32867 still wears its green paint, but its lettering is rather worn and it has been vandalized with graffiti. Seen at Norfolk Southern's Dillerville Yard in Lancaster, PA, on October 14, 2000, during the first annual PCRRHS convention. This car has since been donated to the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania in Strasburg. Photo by Jerry W. Jordak.

thumbnail On May 3rd, 1998, at the Lewistown, PA, Conrail yard was PC 74202, a covered hopper being used in company sand service. Photo by Dennis K. Sautters.

thumbnail Same car, same location, with a little more rust on September 13, 2004. Photo by Gene Fusco.

thumbnail At Sterling Yard in Sterling Heights, Michigan, parked on a detached piece of track is PC class H34 sand hopper 74204. This car is also used in sand service, and still is in good shape for being photographed in February 1998. Photo by Pete Bloom.

thumbnail PC 74251 is an ex-PRR H30 hopper at Hollidaysburg, PA, on December 26, 1996. This car's days of service are probably long behind it. Photo by Ken and Terry Roble.

thumbnail PC 80019 is a former NYC covered hopper, seen in Buffalo, New York, in 1974. Painted in MOW yellow, it was used as a scale test car. It was originally either a lot 963-H or lot 996-H Flexi-Flo car. Photographer unknown, from the Sean Lamb collection.

Tank car

thumbnail PC 70816 is a company service tank car, seen at Danville, Illinois, in April 1976. Photo by Gary Stuebben.


thumbnail An unidentified PC crane and boom tender 36094 work on cleaning up a derailment. Photo by Dick Ross.

thumbnail At Rockport Yard in Cleveland, two small PC cranes and a PC work gon await their next assignment. Photo by Dick Ross.

thumbnail Crane 50087 cleans up a derailment at Ashtabula, Ohio, on May 3, 1976. Photo by Al Mixter.

Sweeper Train

The following three cars were photographed by Dick Ross in Cleveland, Ohio. According to the stenciling on the cars, they were part of a track sweeper train.

thumbnail PC 80052 is an X29 boxcar which has been converted into a "Track Sweeper Power Car."

thumbnail PC X38284 is an old wooden boxcar which has been converted into a "Track Sweeper Supply Car."

thumbnail PRR 489539 is an old X29 boxcar which has been converted into a tool car.

Snow Plows

thumbnail This unidentified snow plow was photographed at PC's yard in Rochester, NY. From the snow, it apparently had seen use recently. Photo by Jim Hall.

thumbnail PC 60079 was another snow plow at Rochester, with some PC locomotives in the background. Photo by Jim Hall.


thumbnail Formerly a steam locomotive tender, PC 70793 is now employed in work train service. The car is stenciled on its side "FORT WAYNE WRECK TRAIN." Photo by Dick Ross.