Hopper Car Photos

Open hoppers

thumbnail PC class H39 hopper 445129, seen wearing a non-standard paint scheme at Ashland Avenue Yard in Chicago during the summer of 1992. Photo by Bill Leipart.

thumbnail A 100 ton open hopper, seen at the Brown No. 5 Tipple in Winburne, PA, on July 16, 1981. Photo by Jeff Feldmeier.

thumbnail PC 482068, a class H43D 100 ton open hopper, is seen at Conway, PA, August 1, 1990. This car was part of a Conrail rebuild program (up to the 18 inch mark) on open top hoppers. Photo by Jeff Feldmeier.

thumbnail This former PRR H21G hopper has been modified with a green stripe and lettering to indicate that it is being used in captive ore service out of Cleveland, Ohio. This car was past the 50-year age limit allowed for interchange, so it could never leave the Penn Central system. Some of these cars were also in service for Benson Mine in New York. Photo by Chip Syme.

thumbnail PRR 741441 is another H21 "green stripe" hopper. The white lettering on the stripe reads "RETURN EMPTY TO CLEVELAND OHIO ORE LOADING". Photo by Chip Syme.

Covered hoppers

thumbnail Cylindrical covered hopper, seen at Alexis Interlocking in Toledo, OH, May 5, 1990. Photo by Jeff Feldmeier.

thumbnail Conrail (ex-Penn Central) 889912 with the CR reporting marks weathered and revealing the PCB reporting marks was seen October 1994 on a CSX mixed freight in Manchester, Georgia. This covered hopper is a H54 class and were purchased in 1971. Photo by Ken Roble, Jr.

thumbnail Here's an unusual Penn Central covered hopper! This appears to be an ex-NYC car which had its oval emblem and reporting marks painted out with large rectangles of PC green and PC lettering applied. This car was photographed in Akron, Ohio, by Roger Durfee.