Northeastern Region

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Buffalo, New York

Buffalo Central Terminal

thumbnail Amtrak E8A 271 (ex-PC) about to leave Buffalo, NY, eastbound with an Empire Service train #78 for NY in December of 1973. Photo by Ron Kuczynski.

thumbnail Penn Central RS-1 #9937 at Buffalo, NY, in October 1975. Photo by Dennis Smolinski, contributed by J.L. Hunt.

thumbnail On a cold and snowy December 22, 1977, PC Alco S-2 9705 switches passenger cars at Buffalo Central Terminal. Notice the NYC-style numbers on the cab side. Photo by Arnold Morscher.

thumbnail Ex-NYC E7 4034, heading train 63, arriving Central Terminal, Buffalo, NY, 4 hours late, December, 1969. Photo by Ron Kuczynski.

thumbnail Ex-NYC E-8A 4051 arriving Buffalo, NY from NYC with Empire Service train #73 in January of 1970. Photo by Ron Kuczynski.

Black Rock Junction

thumbnail RS3s 5329 and 5462 are coming up the PC-N&W-CN international interchange track with a transfer cut for the Canadian National at Fort Erie at Black Rock Junction, September 7, 1975. Black Rock Junction is where the NYC/PC Niagara Branch, the DLW Black Rock Yard, and the branch to the International RR Bridge all come together in the nortwest section of Buffalo. Today the location is called CP7 by CSX. Photo by Dennis Bydash.

Buffalo surrounding area

Bay View, NY

thumbnail Two ex-NYC GP40s and a U33B lead a freight past BV tower, Bay View (Buffalo), NY. May, 1970. Photo by Ron Kuczynski.

thumbnail The same train as above, entering Seneca Yard, Woodlawn (Buffalo), NY. May, 1970. Photo by Ron Kuczynski.

North Tonawanda, NY

thumbnail RS1 9924 idles away next to the freight house at North Tonawonda, NY, on September 7, 1975. Photo by Dennis Bydash.

Ex-NYC Albany-Buffalo main (Main Line New York to Bay View)

thumbnail NYC GP40 3049 leads a train over the Mohawk River in 1968. Photo by Jeff Sumberg.

thumbnail NYC switcher 8429 and a caboose sit idle at a station, location unknown (possibly Rome or Utica, NY), 1968. Photo by Jeff Sumberg.

Herkimer, NY

thumbnailPC 8414, an SW1, makes a delivery in Herkimer. Photo by Michael Fullerton.

Syracuse, NY

thumbnail U25B 2647, GP40 3080, and U25B 2617 lead a westbound freight past CP-SW at the west end of the yard in Syracuse, New York, on July 28, 1974. Photo by Russ Ottens.

Corfu, NY

thumbnail A westbound train, led by U30B 2883, kicks up snow as it blows through Corfu, NY, about 20 miles east of Buffalo. Photo by Mark Hinsdale.

Kingston, NY

thumbnail NYC RS3 5349 and PC GP9 7217 haul a cut of hopper cars at Kingston, NY on January 3, 1969. Kingston was along the former West Shore main line along the Hudson River, about 40 miles south of Selkirk. The Catskill Branch joined the main line at Kingston. Photo by Joseph R. Quinn.








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