Baldwin-Lima-Hamilton Locomotive Photos

Lima/EMD switchers

thumbnail NYC 8062 is an example of one of the Central's sixteen Lima 1200 horsepower roadswitchers. In 1957, NYC rebuilt two of these units with EMD 567C engines, and the two rebuilds lasted into the Penn Central era, wearing PC numbers 8062 and 8063. One of these two units, the 8062, is seen still in its NYC paint at Chicago, IL, on April 12, 1968. Photo by Gary Stuebben. (88 K)

thumbnail Both Lima rebuilds eventually wore PC paint schemes. Not even year and a half later, the same 8062 as above models its PC attire at Camden, NJ, on August 17, 1969. These two units were later renumbered 8398 and 8399 as the PC's 8000-series GP38-2's were delivered in 1972. Photo by Martin S. Zak, from the collection of Gary Stuebben. (64 K)

Baldwin DS44-1000

thumbnail PC DS44-1000 8279 ponders its bleak future in a deadline on June 25, 1977. The EL units surrounding it probably don't have much hope of a future either. Photo by Arnold Morscher. (101 K)

thumbnail PC 8281, seen at New Hope, Pennsylvania, on January 11, 1975, is wearing its third number. Originally built as PRR 9019, it was renumbered 8019 for the merger, and was then renumbered again to 8281 to make room for the GP38-2's. Photo by Gary Stuebben. (77 K)

Baldwin RS12

thumbnail PC 8085, formerly PRR 8110, wears the PC "red P" paint scheme at Camden, NJ while sharing company with a PRSL Budd RDC. Photo was taken on January 19, 1969, by Martin S. Zak, from the collection of Gary Stuebben. (59 K)








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