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PC: Re: Re: PC Coaches

>The E&B Valley tooling still exists, and is owned by Eastern Car Works
>now.  Some of the cars built by Bethlehem Car Works are PRR/NYC/NH
>prototypes as well. I don't think either of these companies offers the PC
>scheme, though.
>Bachmann could sell a pile more of their Spectrum P70 coaches if they
>put a Penn Central scheme on them.
Eastern Car works also has kits of the class of cars that Bachman produced.
These kits are pretty easy to put together.  I put together several of the
New Haven "American Flyer" coaches.  The trucks are however, a different
story.  They are in kit form, impossible(at leat for me) to keep square and
don't roll very well.
  As these cars are all in kit form none of the are painted.
Another choice for kits is Brass Car sides.  These kits have etched brass
sides the are designed to fit Con-Cor or Rivorossi cars.  You cut out the
plastic side and install the new brass one.  Once again these aren't

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