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Re: PC: Re: PC Coaches

>Current PC coach production in HO scale is non-existant as far as I can
>E&B Valley used to offer their ex-NH lightweight stainless steel and
>American Flyer type cars in Penn Central paint. These cars can sometimes be
>found at swap meets.
>The E&B Valley tooling still exists, and is owned by Eastern Car Works
>now.  Some of the cars built by Bethlehem Car Works are PRR/NYC/NH
>prototypes as well. I don't think either of these companies offers the PC
>scheme, though.
>Bachmann could sell a pile more of their Spectrum P70 coaches if they
>put a Penn Central scheme on them.

Why not cut up/modify Athearn streamlined cars? For my small layout, the 
shorter length is perfect.

--Chris Osterhus

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