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PC: Re: Re: Re: PC Coaches

> Eastern Car works also has kits of the class of cars that Bachman
> These kits are pretty easy to put together.  I put together several of
> New Haven "American Flyer" coaches.  The trucks are however, a different
> story.  They are in kit form, impossible(at leat for me) to keep square
> don't roll very well.

Throw away those things and get some MDC trucks - they make a commonwealth
passeneger truck that comes ready to roll for about $3 a pair.   (Assuming
those are correct on the Flyer car) - 

>   As these cars are all in kit form none of the are painted.
> Another choice for kits is Brass Car sides.  These kits have etched brass
> sides the are designed to fit Con-Cor or Rivorossi cars.  You cut out the
> plastic side and install the new brass one.  Once again these aren't
> painted.
>                                                          Ed

In that case let's not forget the sides from West Shore Line for NYC 2600
series and 3000 series coaches.  The latter needs little paint as it's
plated to accurately represent stainless steel.  They use an Eastern Car
Works core kit to assemble and again your choice trucks.

If all you want though is some green cars that say PC on them it shouldn't
be too hard to find some jade green paint, spray bomb a set and throw some
decals at them - which is one thing we should all remember, not everyone is
fussy for the exact prototype cars -

Bill K.

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