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PC: The PC dome car?

Either a lot of you are unemployed or need more to do at work today......

The PC dome cars are the same as the fact that Rivarossi painted their PRR
based RPO in whatever road name.  Just the same as the new IHC cars, boy
what a let down there!!

I think the best bet (outside of the old IHC/Rivarossi Budd coach and grill)
are to get some of the custom sides or the ECW/E&B Valley kits.  Union
Station Products makes a nice selection of sides, and I know of a few
others.  The clear ones (Laser brand?) are a little off, you mask the
windows off with the tape on the sides and paint, a little too smooth, but
the only completed car that I have seen was VERY poorly done (it was a PC
sleeper by the way!) which may have biased me against it.  (Matter of my
opinion, not fact.)

I bought some smooth side Rivarossi cars and some of the custom painted
Branchline (Con Cor) NYC cars, but they are a little off as the windows sit
too far back.  They are sitting in boxes, and at this rate, rather than
build them I may just put them on eBay as even completed they still will not
look right to me.  The tooling for these cars is as old as I am also......

Right now, I have a mix of Rivarossi Budd cars, an IHC smooth side baggage
that is "ok" as an ex-NYC car, a ECW B-60 and some lightweight (ex-NH) ECW
cars, the baggage-lounge is still unbuilt but painted, dark green window
band and all.  I have a bachman PRR obs (Z74?) that I am going to try and
update as a "freelance" PC buisness car based off of several of the PC/PRR
cars of the same series.

Hope this shades some light-


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