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Re: PC: PC Font Style

Did you purchase just the one font? and how much?

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From: Gregg Benedict <benedict -AT- htc.net>
To: penn-central -AT- smellycat.com <penn-central@smellycat.com>
Date: Saturday, March 06, 1999 11:48 AM
Subject: Re: PC: PC Font Style

>Jerry Jordak wrote:
>> > I've heard this font being used, but can't find it anywhere to
>> compare:
>> >
>> > Square 721 Bold Extended
>> Based on my experience, this is the font that matches closest the PC
>> font.
>> It's available as a TrueType font from Bitstream. The bold italic mode
>> of
>> the font almost exactly matches the PC lettering--I used it to create
>> the
>> PC lettering on the PC web page.
>> I've also looked at the Eurostyle TrueType font before, but at least
>> to my
>> eyes, it doesn't match the PC lettering quite as well as the Square
>> 721 Bold
>> Extended....looks a little too "off" to me. Hope this helps.
>> Later,
>> -Jer
>   Jerry did point me in this direction to purchase this font from
>Bitstream.  Indeed it is ALMOST an exact match for the PC slanted font.
>All letters and numbers are identical, except for a couple of
>exceptions.  The first being the number one (1).  In the PC font, the
>number 1 doesn't have the "tag" on the top of the digit.  It is actually
>just a "bar".  This is easily fixed by using the capital letter "I" in
>place of the number 1.  Secondly, for you P&E fans, the ampersand (&) is
>just a bit different than that of the PC font.  These are the only
>differences I could find in the font.
>   I did make my own decals using this font, and they came out perfect.
>When compared to microscale decals, the only slightly noticeable
>difference is the angle of the letters.  The angle of the Bitstream font
>is just a little too extreme... no more than a couple of degrees.  More
>than acceptable.
>Gregg B.

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