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Re: PC: PC Font Style

Jerry Jordak wrote:

> > I've heard this font being used, but can't find it anywhere to
> compare:
> >
> > Square 721 Bold Extended
> Based on my experience, this is the font that matches closest the PC
> font.
> It's available as a TrueType font from Bitstream. The bold italic mode
> of
> the font almost exactly matches the PC lettering--I used it to create
> the
> PC lettering on the PC web page.
> I've also looked at the Eurostyle TrueType font before, but at least
> to my
> eyes, it doesn't match the PC lettering quite as well as the Square
> 721 Bold
> Extended....looks a little too "off" to me. Hope this helps.
> Later,
> -Jer

   Jerry did point me in this direction to purchase this font from
Bitstream.  Indeed it is ALMOST an exact match for the PC slanted font.
All letters and numbers are identical, except for a couple of
exceptions.  The first being the number one (1).  In the PC font, the
number 1 doesn't have the "tag" on the top of the digit.  It is actually
just a "bar".  This is easily fixed by using the capital letter "I" in
place of the number 1.  Secondly, for you P&E fans, the ampersand (&) is
just a bit different than that of the PC font.  These are the only
differences I could find in the font.
   I did make my own decals using this font, and they came out perfect.
When compared to microscale decals, the only slightly noticeable
difference is the angle of the letters.  The angle of the Bitstream font
is just a little too extreme... no more than a couple of degrees.  More
than acceptable.

Gregg B.

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