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Re: PC: PC Font Style

> > Square 721 Bold Extended
> Based on my experience, this is the font that matches closest the PC font.
> It's available as a TrueType font from Bitstream. The bold italic mode of
> the font almost exactly matches the PC lettering--I used it to create the
> PC lettering on the PC web page.

I will concur with Jerry on this issue.  Last week, I asked him about it,
and went to the Bitstream site and downloaded the font for my PC. It's
a perfect match.  If it isn't perfect, it's 99.9% of the way there.

Get to bitstream by going to:


There is a link on that page for purchasing fonts on line.  Follow that
link to get to an alphabetic catalog.  Select 'S', and page in about 6
pages or so to get to "Square 721 Bold Extended."  They don't show an
italic sample on line, but with a bit of imagination, you can see that it
will be right.

You should be able to follow this link to get directly to the sample page
for this font:


I have used this font on my PC for a bit over a week now, and have been
very pleased with it.  It scales beautifully, and as noted above has the
correct visual look and weight for PC lettering.  The normal character
spacing is a bit too tight, so you will have to adjust the spacing to
aabout 1.6 pt using your word processor's character spacing menu.

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