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Re: PC: PC Font Style

> To Ed and all that may be interested,
>    The whole process was actually very simple.  There was no radical
> software usage.  I bought the correct lettering font from Bitstream
> (on-line).  With this, I printed out some letters, numbers and words
> in MS Word.  I used a laser printer to get the finest print possible
> (HP LaserJet).  Then, I sent the the finished page to After Hour
> Graphics (in Ohio) to get the "artwork" printed on decal paper.  I did
> this only with the decals I wanted in white ink, since I don't have my
> own Alps printer.  It was actually very costly ($90), but I considered
> it a "necessity".  Also, the place was EXTREMELY slow in sending the
> finished decals back to me; their reasons being that they had just
> moved and there was a shortage of man-power.  I still wouldn't think
> it would take 3 months.
>    However, all said and done, the decals are the best that I have
> ever seen.  All lettering is clear and crisp, even the very, very
> small lettering I used on some of them (I model N-Scale).
>                                                          -Gregg B.

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