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Re: PC: Last PC Black locos?| P&LE/PC question

Date sent:      	Wed, 03 Mar 1999 23:50:30 +0500
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Subject:        	PC: Last PC Black locos?| P&LE/PC question
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> And here's another: does anyone remember the P&LE using 40" boxcars with
> BOTH P&LE markings and a small(?) PC worm? As late as the late '80s I
> remember seeing P&LE/NYC System cars, and I **seem** to recall seeing
> the P&LE/PC units, but can't really remember...I may be way off base :)
>Yes I do remember these box cars very well. They where painted PC green
 with the PC worms and carried P&LE reporting marks. Used to use these and
 other PC box cars to load flour into from the Con Agra flour mill at 
Martins Creek, PA for shipment to the Boston area, PC delivery. 
The P&LE cars where concidered home on the PC so I could load 
them to New England.
Bob Stafford

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