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Re: PC: Conrail

In a message dated 98-02-26 23:06:56 EST, you write:

<< I am not lamenting the fact that I was born in 1964, all I am doing is
 reminding ALL fans that in a couple of years CR will be in the same place
 as PRR/NYC/PC/EL and ALL the rest.
According to the Implementation schedule proposed by Norfolk Southern and
CSXT, Conrail will continue to exist in it's "as-is" image, in the "shared
assets areas of Philadelphia and New York/New Jersey. CSXT/NS will jointly
operate this smaller "Conrail" to handle the interchange duties, etc. Big Blue
will be Not-so-big-Blue. But, at least for the forseeable future she will be
with us, very much unlike Prr/NYC/EL/PC...(knowing the class ones, as we do,
Some power is likely to "run Through, to a yard near you!)       Ed St. George

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