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Re: PC: Conrail

EMDSD80MAC wrote:
> In a message dated 98-02-26 23:06:56 EST, you write:
> << I am not lamenting the fact that I was born in 1964, all I am doing is
>  reminding ALL fans that in a couple of years CR will be in the same place
>  as PRR/NYC/PC/EL and ALL the rest.
>   >>
> According to the Implementation schedule proposed by Norfolk Southern and
> CSXT, Conrail will continue to exist in it's "as-is" image, in the "shared
> assets areas of Philadelphia and New York/New Jersey. CSXT/NS will jointly
> operate this smaller "Conrail" to handle the interchange duties, etc. Big Blue
> will be Not-so-big-Blue. But, at least for the forseeable future she will be
> with us, very much unlike Prr/NYC/EL/PC...(knowing the class ones, as we do,
> Some power is likely to "run Through, to a yard near you!)       Ed St. George
I'm sure not crying for Big Blue. Under them half of the railroads in CT
were abandoned. PC started it by providing terrible service so noone
would use em, Conrail continued it
Simsbury, CT, a great old railroading town, has no track left now, its
roadbed is a popular walking spot for yuppies. The P&W is taking over,
and under them some lines are actually being reopened!


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