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Re: PC: Conrail

Tim,     Actually, CT is kinda lucky!  Lots of unprofitable lines there. With
the rules and labor agreements as they were, Neither Penn Central, nor Conrail
could make any money there. (We may not like the idea, but that's what they're
in business for - to make money. We all kinda like to think that they're in
business for US, the railfan!) But, The Providence and Worcester, itself a
one-time PC, nee' New Haven Company, is a colorful and aggressive regional
with the potential to become another Wisconsin Central. The spin-off of these
unprofitable lines may not be over yet. The entire Massachusetts and Rhode
Island operations were to be spun off by Conrail to P&W and Massachusetts
Central (RailTex). The only thing that stopped it was the P&S agreement
between Big-Blue and NS/CSXT. Protection under an STB agreement would not
protect these areas forever. I don't know if  you have visited the
Massachusetts Central....BUT.....The P&W is gorgeous compared to it!
Providence and Worcester is a long-standing survivor! They went through two
New Haven bankruptcies amd the Big one! (Penn Central)  Conrail tried to
exercise their parent - company rights in about 1988 and take over the P&W to
build a deep water port in East Providence, but P&W fought and won protection
against CR - once again demonstrating that they WILL survive. Take a trip to
Worcester MA to The P&W shops sometime and you'll be a believer.  Enjoy them! 
What does CSX promise? - Not really sure. But I know we'll be looking at Blue
and gray for a long time!    Ed St. George

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