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Re: PC: Speculative Modelling

Rob, I do have the PC Power book, and I've seen the picture of the 
Despatch Shops switcher. The caption mentions that it was repainted 
to PC black after it was moved to the regular roster, so I suspect 
that PC would not have 'livened up' their paint job. I wonder why 
they chose black to begin with? I realize they wanted an asture 
scheme, and didn't want red or green, but they could have used 
another color. 

Peter King in NY
>    I've always envisioned exactly the same in passenger equipment.  
>you think PC would still be painting motive power black?   If you 
own a
>copy of "PC Power" by Bob Yanosey, there is a color photo on pg. 136 
of a
>switcher painted by Despatch shops.  It is black with a green band 
>horizontally, bordered by white stripes, and the PC logo/lettering 
in the
>green.  Looks real sharp!!   I think all would be forgiven by 
railfans in
>general had PC chosen this scheme.
>     Rob   

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