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PC: Re: (erielack) Conrail

In a message dated 98-02-26 23:32:06 EST, pontiac -AT- dreamscape.com writes:

>  Can anybody tell me about a CR MOW flat i saw yesterday?  it was jade
>  green and looked like an old piggyback (75= ft long) car.  

Yeah, but did you get a number?  Those cars should wind up in every rail
museum.  Those are the former open tri-levels. They're 85-ish feet long with a
lower-than-standard deck of 30".  Rails can be welded to them, and freight and
passenger cars that the Class 1s won't interchange can be loaded onto them and
shipped easily.

Those cars are reaching the end of their interchange lives.  Please, people,
record the numbers of cars in service and starting asking for, or simply
purchasing, cars for your favorite museum.  Jim Panza at TTX once told me that
these cars are still sought after and are being completely overhauled, updated
and put back in service.  I forget the number series.  There is a shortage of
the long flat cars these days.

                            ....Mike Del Vecchio

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