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Re: PC: Speculative Modelling

> Yes, PC would leave New England,  however in reality the New Haven colors
> are alive and well here in CT.  We are blessed to have a Dept. of
> Transportation which has adopted the New Haven paint scheme as it's own.

Yup, I'm fully aware of these units.  I'm originally from Westchester, New
York, and remember seeing these before and after the merger. I also made a
special trip back to New York to take a trip with the NHRRH&TA from New
Haven, CT to Greenport, LI. in 1989, or was it 1990?  On the trip back, I
won a cab ride lottery and spent an hour in the cab of NH 2023.

I have more photos of the ConnDot NH repaints than of the original NH
FL9's.  Thank you State of Connecticut. :^)

It's also interesting to note that the FL9's are also currently wearing
Amtrak and Metro North paint.  I wonder if MNCRR would ever consider
painting one in the yellow and plue PC scheme?

> Units NH never owned as well as the celebrity FL-9's roam the state proudly
> painted and lettered New Haven.    Now, how about New York adopting NYC,
> Pennsylvania- PRR,  New Jersey- PC???  

Certainly.  The respective H&T associations would all have lobbied to have
certain historical units preserved in the old road colors.  


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