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PC: Conrail

Not really wanting to state the obvious but one  thing we all need to keep
in mind is that in just a few short months CR will be added to the growing
list of "Fallen Flags"  yes this will be by merger and not a gut-wrenching
experience that was had in 1968 or even in 1976.  

But in 2 years will there be any Big Blues around left to photograph or
video or anything, I was 12 in 1976 and lived in an area served by the B&O
(Springville NY).  Older fans scoff at the fact that my friends and I are
fans of Conrail.  But what they fail to realize is that for us, THE
railroad is CR.  I love the NYC and the Pennsy and the B&O and the Erie.
We didnt get the chance to see (or if we did see em we were extremly young)
NYC E's and F's pulling passenger trains or RS3's pulling transfer
freights, or SD9's pulling trains around Horseshoe Curve in Brunswick Green.  

I am not lamenting the fact that I was born in 1964, all I am doing is
reminding ALL fans that in a couple of years CR will be in the same place
as PRR/NYC/PC/EL and ALL the rest.

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