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Re: PC: Re: Penn Central Police patch

Okay, but why would it have a NYS seal in the middle of it?  That makes no
sense to me... it makes it look like someone copied a NYS badge of some sort
and added the lettering Penn Central Railroad to it.

Bill K.

> determine good vs. bad badges. There are still many questions that
> me. One is that Deputy Chief badge on ebay right now. That LOOKS LIKE a
> badge! The rank is what throws me. PC did use the rank of Chief in
> & Indiana, but nowhere in the east that I can find. HERE'S WHERE THE
> LIES THOUGH: PC is so big & diverse, that anything is possible. How many
> times have any of us said that "PC never had this-or-that" only to have
> someone produce a picture, proving us wrong!
> Part of the reason for my column in the POST is to set down, in documented
> form, items that ARE out there & that PC used.
> Ned & others- some of you seem to have good info. and knowledge of the PC
> police. I would love to compare notes...I'm sure we would both learn.
> me off list.
> Gary Farmer

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