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RE: PC: Re: Penn Central Police patch

Henry wrote:

>I guess it is up to us to document and make note of what is real and what
>not when it comes to PC artifacts. Maybe one of "Clarence's" descendants
>should comment on that in an upcoming POST.

I have been into collecting PC railroadiana for quite awhile. The beautiful
thing about PC stuff is that right now the pool is full of pure water (no
repros). Other RR collectors are dealing with murky water (fake china,
silver, keys, locks, etc.) Granted, there are PC "fantasy items" out there
(stuff that PC never used or had), but most are easily identified (i.e. the
PC lighters constantly on ebay with a manufacture date of 2000). Stuff like
this isn't meant to deceive. It's just meant as a "gift shop" item,
commemorating the PC.

Police badges, on the other hand, are a different matter. It is the one area
of PC railroadiana (at least the only one that I know of!) where fakes have
been made, intentionally to deceive. The good news is that not as many fakes
are out there as on other RRs. More good news is that PC badges bring
relatively modest prices, compared with badges from other RRs. So the
economic incentive isn't as strong for a faker of PC stuff.
I have done a great deal of digging and documentation on the Penn Central
police department over the past 4 years, trying to do what I can to
determine good vs. bad badges. There are still many questions that befuddle
me. One is that Deputy Chief badge on ebay right now. That LOOKS LIKE a good
badge! The rank is what throws me. PC did use the rank of Chief in Illinois
& Indiana, but nowhere in the east that I can find. HERE'S WHERE THE PROBLEM
LIES THOUGH: PC is so big & diverse, that anything is possible. How many
times have any of us said that "PC never had this-or-that" only to have
someone produce a picture, proving us wrong!

Part of the reason for my column in the POST is to set down, in documented
form, items that ARE out there & that PC used.

Ned & others- some of you seem to have good info. and knowledge of the PC
police. I would love to compare notes...I'm sure we would both learn. Email
me off list.

Gary Farmer

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