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Re: PC: Re: Penn Central Police patch--violation reported

I was regularly nailing people for using rare, OOP, etc to describe various
compact discs and albums.. in one case, the CD they were claiming was rare
and hard to find...  you could mail order from TV at the time, the
commercial aired constantly.  The seller's comment was "well its hard to
find around here" to which I said, yeah if you never leave the rock you live
under...  other times, I could click over to a site like CDnow and there was
the same one for sale..  OOP my rear end.

I was an ebay seller for a long time, untill I had the moron of all morons
win an auction and screw up the payment and be so stupid I am amazed this
person is not in a mental hospital somewhere.. literally!   It amazes me the
things people do, and the things people will buy...   stuff that I thought
was junk brought decent money online, meanwhile new stuff like Proto
engines, barely bring the dealer cost.   It doesn't just happen on eBay; I
once saw an Athearn PA in an antique shop with a $54 tag on it, even though
I could get a brand new one for like $40 at the time...   but it would seem
that eBay facilitates people to prey on folks who probably should not have
computers in the first place.   There is little to protect sellers from
false complaints, and little to nail sellers who are obviously trying to rip
people off.

Although on the other hand, if you should happen to want a Tyco PC green
F7..  it's a good place to look!

Bill K.

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> What bugs me about ebay, is all the people who put up 'brand-new'
> models...and use *Rare and unique* to describe them! Just ticks me off!
> Now that that's outta my system... I put some of the PCRRHS convention
> on my website: http://www.geocities.com/su_carbs if anyone wants to take a
> look. A few shots of the Amtrak FL9s are up there!
> I also wanted to ask where were PC's GP7/9s based? I'm currently building
> one... and can't remember seeing any in southwest PA. Thanks in advance
> --Chris
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