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Re: PC: PC Lettering Style

The italicized words PENN CENTRAL and the numbers as used on later freight 
cars are a style called Eurostile Bold Italic.  There are other companies 
that still use this exact lettering style.  One of them is (or was) Buffalo 
- Boston Express trucking company.  The typeface always was the same for the 
locomotives.  The variation in number styles went from a white version of 
the PRR number style, until the delivery of the SD38 units in 1970.  Then 
on, PC used a slightly stylized version of the PRR numbers.  The only unit I 
ever saw pictures of wearing the italicized PC-style numbers was a Fairbanks 
Morse 2000 HP transfer roadswitcher used in the Chicago area in it's final 
days.  It's amazing how some of the model companies can butcher a real 
simple paint scheme, yet put out absolute dead - on models of BNSF or other 
fairly complex schemes on engines.
Jim Kosty

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