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Re: PC: Stewart RS-12/DRS-4-4-10

On Fri, 29 Sep 2000, Bill K. wrote:

> I think you're confusing Short Hood with Low Short Hood - short hood is
> simply that, the end that doesn't contain the prime mover on most
> locomotives.   Baldwin was out of the locomotive business before the low
> hood came into use, although it's possible someone chopped one over the last
> 40 years.
> Bill K.

The Union RR chopped and repowered their Baldwin roadswitchers with EMD prime
movers. They called them Buffaloes. Very unique looking machines which
soldiered on well into the 80's I believe. I don't recall exactly when they
were retired. Because of the Union's relatively hostile attitude toward
railfan's throughout the diesel era there just aren't many photos of them
floating around. I have seen maybe two articles on them over the years . The
Union designated them DRS66-1500 (I think).

There are only a couple of photos online I have found and neither is a good 
head on shot which really shows how goofy looking the chop job was. They got
what I think are GP18 long hoods in the repowering, but retained the Baldwin
cab and the Baldwin short hood was chopped. They had those beastly Commonwealth
trucks under them.


Back on topic, there are some RS-12 shots which illustrate the difference in 
height between the long and short (not low nose) hoods at:




The DRS4-4-10 at:


That last one also has a couple of shots of PRR 2400 HP Baldwin transfer units,
Baldwin RT-624/DT6-6-2400 and PRR BS24m/BS24, those monstrous six-axle
centercab units.

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