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Re: PC: PC Lettering Style

On Fri, 29 Sep 2000, Jim Kosty wrote:

> The italicized words PENN CENTRAL and the numbers as used on later freight 
> cars are a style called Eurostile Bold Italic.  

Has anyone come across a computer typeface which is a good representation of
PC's italics?

I make decals for our club road, Buffalo Central, and we use the italic PC
style lettering for the modern (1970's) equipment. After coming up short on the
net for an appropriate TrueType typeface I dug up a demo of a typeface editor
and modified the uppercase BUFALOCENTRL characters of a font which had
roughly the same shape into credible enough PC facsimiles for our decals.

I'd still like to find a closer full character set for use in making PC decals
as the PC is one of my favorite roads to model in HO.

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