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Re: PC: Trademarks

As I understand, the Penn Central Transportation Co. was spun off from the 
parent company after the bankruptcy at some point, and was sort of an 
"orphan".  The parent company, that still went by the name "Penn Central" 
kept its holdings like Great Southwest Corporation, Buckeye Pipeline, etc. 
but ironically (and perhaps deservedly for dumping the railroad) went into 
bankruptcy a few years later.
An interesting aside - in 1985, I was in Wood Tower at Homewood PA on the 
former Fort Wayne line of PRR, then Conrail.  I noticed that the radio 
equipment certificate posted on the wall was still registered as owned by 
Penn Central, yet it had a current date!  After Conrail, probably within the 
first ten years or so, some of the properties in our area and others, even 
some formerly Erie Lackawanna land, had blue signs posted heralding the 
property as for sale - the kicker was the phone number and instructions to 
call Joe Blow at Penn Central!
I guess good things and names just don't give up so easily.
Jim Kosty

>From: NH4142 -AT- webtv.net (John Wilson)
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>Subject: PC: Trademarks
>Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2000 21:16:08 -0400 (EDT)
>How is it that the "Penn Central" name and logo, as well as those of the
>predecessor roads, remained with American Premiere Underwriters instead
>of being passd along to Conrail?
>      JW

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