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PC: Speaking of Conventions - a followup

	Something that came up on another list...

	Here in the Midwest Region, we try to bring in as many people 
	as we can and there are provisions for non-NMRA members to attend
	our regional conventions. Of course non-NMRA attendees can't enter
	the contests and take part in a couple of other member only 
	activities, but they can take the prototype and layout tours as
	well as attend the clinics, auction and module and contest 
	displays. Yep, you guessed it, there is an extra charge for the
	non-NMRA attendee, but we do make provision for them. 

	Our two prototype tours will be interesting to a lot of people and
	many of the layouts are fantastic with PRR, NYC, Monon and 
	more but I don't believe there are any CR currently scheduled.
	If you are an NMRA member, bring in your models either for judging
	or just for display. I have never entered a model for judging, but
	I have displayed several. There is always the favorite train 
	contest which is a popular vote contest. It always seems to draw
	some neat stuff.

	If any of you think that you might be interested in attending
	as a non-NMRA member, visit the web site and take a look at all
	of the planned activities. It will be a busy three days and
	although it would be nice if everyone was an NMRA member, it is
	not necessary.  :-)


Roger Hensley - rhensley -AT- anderson.cioe.com
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== Central Indiana Division, Midwest Region, NMRA =======

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