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PC: Speaking of Conventions

	Since the topic of the PCRRHS in October has been raised
	(and I can't make that one) I thought I'd mention a couple
	of the clinics that we going to have at our NMRA Midwest 
	Region Spring Convention near Indianapolis next year. Marvin
	Crim has a Penn Central slide presentation of the slides he 
	shot while PC was still very much alive. Many of hem were shot
	in and around Indianapolis and Anderson Indiana. I saw this 
	two years ago and can't wait to see it again. Talk about a 
	trip down memory lane! Watching his presentation rolled back
	the clock and the memories flooded in.

	Pat Sweeney, editor of the Railfans of Indianapolis Railfan 
	Rambles, has a presentation of shots along every main, branch
	and industrial line in Indy, almost grade crossing to grade 
	crossing in both directions; every possible (and some 
	not-so-possible) railfan spots in town. 

	Indianapolis was a Penn Central hot-spot in both activity and
	in abandonment as both the NYC and PRR were major players here.
	Much of his presentation will show trackage once owned by PC.

	And of course, while you're here, you can stop by Anderson 
	Indiana and take a look at one of the few concrete bridges with
	the PC logo molded in (you can see a pix of that at the Railroads
	of Madison County website http://madisonrails.railfan.net

	We'll hold our convention in Noblesville Indiana at the 4H Expo 
	Center on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, April 27, 28 & 29 2001. 
	Yes, we're modelers, but we're also railfans as well. For more 
	information, visit our website at 
	and take a look at what we are planning. Costs and an application 
	form will go up in a couple of weeks.


Roger Hensley
rhensley -AT- anderson.cioe.com

== http://madisonrails.railfan.net/ ==
== Railroads of Madison County (Indiana) ==

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