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PC: PRR Terre Haute-Logansport Line

Spent a couple hours last Saturday trying to find what was left of the
PRR Terre Haute - Logansport line (aka Crawfordsville Secondary).  Didn't
see a sight of it from Crawfordsville down until about a mile north of
Waveland, when it suddenly pops up out of nowhere.  I was amazed to find
about 3 small trestles left from the line north of town.  The first was a
little worse for the wear, it's walkway along the west side of the
trestle starting to fall.  The second & third were pretty decent looking.
 I took some back roads to get a picture of one, & as I set up the shot,
the farmer who owned the land told me I could go get a closer look.  It
only elevated the track about 6 feet above a drainage ditch, but it still
looked in pretty good shape.  I got a few shots of it, hope to get it up
on my site whenever I get a chance away from school.  Drove on to see if
I could get somemore looks at the line, but as soon as I got south of
Waveland, it disappeared again.  

Does anyone have any information on the last days of it's operation?  How
was it run in the late PRR/PC years?  When was it abandoned?  What
industries were served?

E.J. Caylor
Central Indiana Railroad Information Network

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