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Re: PC: PRR Terre Haute-Logansport Line

>Does anyone have any information on the last days of it's operation?  
>How was it run in the late PRR/PC years?  When was it abandoned?  What 
>industries were served?

I'm fascinated by the PC in Indiana, and have wondered about this 
line too.  I probably don't have much to add, other than my best guess
is that the line was abandoned in sections, several years prior to
Conrail, maybe very early during the PC years.  However, the
Logansport - Frankfort segment remained intact until well into the
Conrail era, since CR used it to reach their "Logansport Cluster"
before that little group of branches was sold off.  

No discussion of the Logansport - Terre Haute line would be
complete without a mention of the Indianapolis - Frankfort line
(the old I&F Branch).  I'm assuming this line was built later
(1916 ?) to connect the Logansport - Terre Haute route to Indy.
No doubt this is what killed the original line during the PC era,
since the newer I&F Branch had a direct connection to Avon

My interest in these lines was rewarded finally, because I was
able to shoot Conrail's WSAV-01 local on the I&F a few times
before the takeover.  No interesting scenery to speak of, but
the non-interlocked crossing with the NS (first come, first 
served, pushbutton-operated signal) at Frankfort and the
elevated line through Lebanon (they used to bridge over
the NYC and an old interurban) were pretty neat.

Charles Streetman
Glen Ellyn, IL
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