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PC: Any more K9 stock car info?

I received one response about the K9 class numbers.  The information was
good, but didn't get me where I wanted to be.  If I recall, the data was
from a point in time when there were only 15 K9 cars on the roster at all,
and the number series looked like it inlcuded all K9 and variants without
breaking out the specifics.  The K9 car is a 50'-6" single deck stock car.
The K9a and b are 50'-6" double decked.

I'm hoping someone out there has access to a 1968 or 1969 ORER and can get
me some numbers for the regular K9 class cars with PC reporting marks. If
the ORER has notes regarding these cars, check them as well to see if they
shed any light.

Gotta do the decals tonight or tomorrow...I always wait until the last
moment. I love working under pressure. :^)

Thanks in advance.  Will post pix of the car when done...


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