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PC: Perlman Yard

Well, since it seems that none of you can find anything productive to
talk about, let me toss out something that I was pondering this weekend:

Penn Central's Alfred E. Perlman Freight Classification Yard opened on
September 25, 1968, in Selkirk, New York, just a little west of Albany.
It, along with Buckeye Yard in Columbus, were built (or at least
completed) under the PC regime.

Today, CSX (and Conrail previously) refers to the facility simply as
Selkirk Yard. So at some point, Perlman Yard became Selkirk Yard. Now
it is understandable that later management might have wanted to
emove Al Perlman's name from the yard, since he was identified (as was
Stuart Saunders and David Bevan) with the failure of the PC as a
corporation. It was kind of like when the Cotton Belt took over the
Rock Island main from Kansas City to New Mexico--the line was originally
going to be called the Rock Island Division, but was changed to the
Kansas City Division, because parent SP did not want to associate with
the line a name that stood for failure in the railroad business.

So having said that, when was Perlman Yard renamed Selkirk Yard? Was it
done under PC, or did this happen during Conrail?

Oh, and one last thing: Drop the test message thread NOW. I asked
everyone not quite three days ago to please cut down the garbage sent to
the list, and then I see 7 or 8 messages today with this test message
trash. Throw me bone here, folks.....my list and web server is only
a 486....and overloading it with pointless messages is *not* a good way
to keep the list server running....


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