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Re: PC: Perlman Yard

Isnt the CSX Jacksonville Center called Drullard or something like that
and isnt UP's main place called the Harriman dispatch center.

I want to say thanks to Jerry cuz I was UNAWARE that Selkirk had ever been
called Perlman Yard.  Learn something new every day!!

On Tue, 29 Jun 1999, Jerry Jordak wrote:

>Well, since it seems that none of you can find anything productive to
>talk about, let me toss out something that I was pondering this weekend:
>Penn Central's Alfred E. Perlman Freight Classification Yard opened on
>September 25, 1968, in Selkirk, New York, just a little west of Albany.
>It, along with Buckeye Yard in Columbus, were built (or at least
>completed) under the PC regime.
>Today, CSX (and Conrail previously) refers to the facility simply as
>Selkirk Yard. So at some point, Perlman Yard became Selkirk Yard. Now
>it is understandable that later management might have wanted to
>emove Al Perlman's name from the yard, since he was identified (as was
>Stuart Saunders and David Bevan) with the failure of the PC as a
>corporation. It was kind of like when the Cotton Belt took over the
>Rock Island main from Kansas City to New Mexico--the line was originally
>going to be called the Rock Island Division, but was changed to the
>Kansas City Division, because parent SP did not want to associate with
>the line a name that stood for failure in the railroad business.
>So having said that, when was Perlman Yard renamed Selkirk Yard? Was it
>done under PC, or did this happen during Conrail?
>Oh, and one last thing: Drop the test message thread NOW. I asked
>everyone not quite three days ago to please cut down the garbage sent to
>the list, and then I see 7 or 8 messages today with this test message
>trash. Throw me bone here, folks.....my list and web server is only
>a 486....and overloading it with pointless messages is *not* a good way
>to keep the list server running....
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