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PC: Re: Perlman Yard

>Penn Central's Alfred E. Perlman Freight Classification Yard opened on
>September 25, 1968, in Selkirk, New York, just a little west of Albany.

>So having said that, when was Perlman Yard renamed Selkirk Yard? Was it
>done under PC, or did this happen during Conrail?


I have the July 1976 TRAINS (pg 15)that has photos of the first days of
ConRail in its Railroad News Photos section.  It shows two photos of the
same sign side by side:

The New York Central Oval logo over the words "NEW YORK CENTRAL, ALFRED E.
PERLMAN YARD, SELKIRK, NEW YORK"  (commas for returns).

The next one has the oval sprayed out in a light color (b&w photos) and a
spray and TERRIBLE  stencil job for "CONRAIL" over the NYC and the remainder
of the sign (ie, still Perlman) is the same.

The caption is what is odd along with the NYC reference,  the caption reads:

 "SIGNS at Selkirk (N.Y.) yard span a decade and bridge the lifetime of
PC.", Both Photos Carl H. Sturner.

So is it Selkirk yard, or the yard in Selkirk?  The bridging PC comment is
odd, as you pointed out, PC built the damn thing, so why all the NYC on the

Not being from NY I can not shed any more light.

>Well, since it seems that none of you can find anything productive to
>talk about,

What, no comment on my ex NYC diesel questions.


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