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PC: Alright already!! New Subjuect-

To all:

I just picked up a pair of new P2K NYC cigar band FA2s ($22 each even) and
was wanting to have someone contact me to give some aid as to detailing
these units for PC-era use.  I can find all I need for ex-PRR stuff but not
NYC.  I am concerned about horns, spark arrestors, antenna, MU hoses, train
control equipment, etc....   When were these engines re-numbered as well?
Eg NYC 1050 to PC 1350......

Train control questions:

I have an NYC GP20 (P2K also) that I am going to work on at the same time.
I have seen some NYC locos with what appears to be a "bench grinder" on the
front-near side of the cab and nose.  I have found a similar detail in the
Walthers Wish Book that was called a "motor" and included int the
train-control parts.  Also, the shoes that went on the trucks, which ones
are correct?

Bigger question, what was the difference between the NYC and PRR control?  I
have already been told by someone on this list that most lead locomotives
stayed on "home" track but this was not always true from photos I have seen.
Did PC try and standardize train control or use the existing systems?  What
needed to be done to run an NYC loco over NH or PRR trackage.

If you can not tell, I'll admit- I do not even know how train-control
worked, so any info on that would help too :^).

Anyone ever do an ex-NYC GP35 using the Rail Power Products non dynamic
shell?  I have been eyeing that one for this winter's big project.

Thanks, now my NYC N7a will have some friends on the layout-

Garrett Rea

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