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Re: PC: Missing Windows

These were also used by Amtrak on E-60-CPs they were nicknamed "ghetto
There were numerous incidents where cinder blocks were suspended with chains

from bridges at windshield level and when the train came along at 90 mph
there was not much the crew could do but duck.  I would imagine a crewman
who lived thru such an experience probably preffered GG-1s after that (more
protection and smaller target glass).


George Alberti wrote:

> On Conrail, if the window was not needed it was blanked over once it was
> broken; On GE units the small side window, on F units I don't know what
> purpose they served other then cosmetic because I can tell you they
> certainly don't admit much light. On B-units you needed the one where
> the engine air was set up. It opened up and you could see alittle where
> you were going. On these moves you always had a ground man. Also on
> Conrail the "firemans" rear window wiper is not considered essential and
> is not fixed. I believe the FRA "glazing" of windows came about in the
> 80's. Usually when the unit came in for heavy repair or scheduled
> maintenance they had some kits made up to change out all cab windows.
> Ditto for cabooses. Does anyone remember the PC units that ran around
> with heavy fencing wire across the front cab windows? I believe that a
> PC crewman was killed or seriously hurt when vandals hung concrete
> blocks from a bridge overpass right at the proper height. This fencing
> was put on to help protect them. George Alberti

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