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PC: Decal Production

Hi All,
  I've chatted with Jer about this and got his OK.  I've been kinda hesitant
about bringing this up since Champ has announced they were re running
discontinued sets but I figured I might as well follow through with the
Convo  I had with Jerry.
  The Past several months I've been working on producing PC freight
decals(microscale still makes the decals for locomotives.)   I've done a
couple of box cars with the sets that I have produced and all in all not to
  If you guys are interested I might make these available to the list
members so some input would be appreciated of the class cars, lettering
arrangement etc. One of the things that I like about this is I can make a
set for a particular car with the correct class designation, Capacity, Load
Limits, etc.  I can also make this with a continue number block which means
no more splicing numbers together.  This is really cool for end reporting
  Some of the stumbling blocks right now is identifying specific fonts in
some of the lettering.  Early repaints of the prototype contain NYC and PRR
style numbers and reporting marks.  Also alot of gons and hoppers didn't use
the slanted PC numbers that we all are most familiar with.  If anyone could
help identify what these fonts are and where to aquire them, it would help
solve that problem.  I model in HO so if other scales are desired I would
need to know what the logos, lettering and such measurements are supposed to
  One thing that I would like to stress is that I am not a decal
manufacturer by trade.  I don't have a catalogue, employees, photo equipment
for this sort of thing or a massive production facility.    I got frustrated
when Herald King quit production and I had PC green cars with no decals.  I
decided at that point to take matters in my own hands and make what I
wanted.  If Champ follows through with what I've read then my services may
not be needed or desired.  However if you guys are interested I'll see what
I can come up with.
  If you guys want this, let me know what types of cars you want, numbers,
etc.  Some feedback would be great.
  Now for some ground rules:
Send the replies or comments back to me personally.  Jerry asked that the
mailing list doesn't get drowned out by this conversation.  I'm sure we all
don't want a repeat of the Historical Society Conversation again.  I'll be
glad to send out updates or other findings periodically or personally
correspond with those who are interested.
  This venture is not an endorsement by Jerry or the PC mailing list.  This
is simply one modeler providing a resource for another modeler.
eprice -AT- skantech.net

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