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Re: PC: E8 Windows/E8 4300 Headlamps

> From: Garrett Rea <Garrett.Rea -AT- worldnet.att.net>
> To: penn-central -AT- smellycat.com
> Subject: Re: PC: E8 Windows/E8 4300 Headlamps
> Date: Friday, March 26, 1999 6:03 PM
> Doug et al,
> I read about someone's F unit rebuild programme and they bragged about
> using plywood to replace bad panels in the units.  They used even thicker
> sheet steel.  Think it was in the TRAINS EMD issue a year or two ago.
> Wish I had blocked out the windows on my ex-PRR detailed unit, but did
> know better at the time I painted it.

It;s hard to plug portholes and make them look right though.  Some got a
circular plug and some they replaced the entire side panel, those might not
be as bad to do if you can cut your shell carefully.
> Also, why did PC E8 4300 have a lower headlamp in the little access door?
> thought that they all had the upper one in the nose and none in the door.

Could this unit have been bought used someplace, or repaired with used
parts?  I know PC bought D&RGW F-units and other wierd things along the
line.  A nose door might not seem like a big deal but I'm sure it's easier
to bolt one on than make one -
> Anyone going to Lines West Fest in Xenia Ohio?
> Garrett

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