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Re: PC: E8 Windows/E8 4300 Headlamps

Doug et al,

I read about someone's F unit rebuild programme and they bragged about not
using plywood to replace bad panels in the units.  They used even thicker
sheet steel.  Think it was in the TRAINS EMD issue a year or two ago.

Wish I had blocked out the windows on my ex-PRR detailed unit, but did not
know better at the time I painted it.

Also, why did PC E8 4300 have a lower headlamp in the little access door?  I
thought that they all had the upper one in the nose and none in the door.

Anyone going to Lines West Fest in Xenia Ohio?


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Date: Saturday, March 27, 1999 4:00 AM
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>I think Garrett hit the nail on the head, the panels were replaced and the
>portholes dissappeared. A lot of times plywood would be substituted for
>the panels ( cheaper and they don't rust) and probably when you're in the
>cheeseoid mode anyway keeping the portholes doesn't matter.
>Someone brought up FRA rules regarding windows. I wonder if they
>would really apply to windows that aren't in an area normally not occupied
>by crew members?
>In a message dated 3/26/99 8:58:51 PM EST, Garrett.Rea -AT- worldnet.att.net
><< Gents-
> If you look a lot of roads lost their windows, and it looks like mostly
> units lost them over NYC units.  The whole panel appears to be replaced
> rather than just blanking off of the window itself.
> These are General Motors units so the porthole windows may be linked to
> Buick portholes, both of which served as just as much of a service to
> society as a Pauly Shore movie.
> Garrett >>

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