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PC: Glazing

I checked the FRA regs about glazing. Units built (or rebuilt) after June
30, 1980 had to get approved glazing; all other units had to get approved
glazing after June 30, 1984. This late date means that much of the
replacement we've been discussing was not done because of FRA regs. I'm
guessing the glass was eliminated to save money due to vandalism well
before the FRA regs.

The rules refer to locomotive cabs requiring the glazing. The fuzzy part
of the regs is the definition of cab, which is defined as the part of the
locomotive superstructure designed to be occupied during operation. One
could make the argument that the engine compartment of a cab unit was
designed to be occupied during operation. (Don't flame me; I'm not making
the argument. I'm just pointing out a fuzzy area.)

There are several loopholes that allows one to get around the regs, such
as for historical equipment used in museum or excursion service. The
equipment can also be stenciled "designated service - do not occupy."

There are two grades of glazing. Front or rear facing glazing has
stricter standards than side facing glazing. An earlier post mentioned a
cinder block incident. The FRA specifies a cinder block test for approved
glazing. It must also stand up to a .22 rifle round with specified
characteristics. It's no wonder that the material is expensive. (I
remember someone being interviewed after the MARC/Amtrak crash, and how
they tried (and failed) to bust open a coach window with either an ax or
sledge hammer.)

FRA regs can be bought from several sources, including the government
printing office. Railway Age always has ads for books. I think TRAIN has
some publications with FRA regs. As regulations go, the FRA's are not too
hard to read through and understand.

Bryan Turner

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