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Re: PC: E8 Windows/E8 4300 Headlamps

Hello Garrett and all,
    I've been offline since Dec. for various reasons, but am glad to be
back.   Now I'm unemployed due to the U.S. bankruptcy court rejecting my
employer's reorganization plan (Caldor),  thus throwing 20,000 people out
of work.
   Anyway, the PC 4300 was an experiment by the PRR with oscillating lights
(PC Power, p.79).  The upper oscillating light was blanked out during PC
years, leaving the nose door light as the headlight.
   Other photos show both ex-NYC and ex-PRR units with and without
portholes, as others have stated.


> Wish I had blocked out the windows on my ex-PRR detailed unit, but did
> know better at the time I painted it.
> Also, why did PC E8 4300 have a lower headlamp in the little access door?
> thought that they all had the upper one in the nose and none in the door.
> Garrett

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