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PC: E7/E8 modeling tip/pilot


In one of the PRR videos that my father has there is a shot of an ex-PRR E7
unit that on the nose area from the pilot to just below the flat number
board on the near side of the cab that had a metal plate that appeared to be
quite a large patch job to the nose.  Either rot or front impact I would
guess.  Could be modeled with foil tape or ultra thin styrene, would make
for a good convesation piece.  Wanted at one point to give one of mine a
whack in the nose, but hate to as I have them looking scruffy enough.

Is the Cal Scale (I think) E pilot usable on P2K Es?  The P2k passenger
pilot looks wrong, so I (and I know it is wrong for PRR!!) used the
"freight" style one.  I can go back and re-do it, but I would loose all of
the detail effort (MU, signal, and steam lines).  My ex NYC unit has the
freight pilot and other NYC details.


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