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PC: SD 40/45 Horns (ex-PRR units)/Stewart ALCO/ PC letterset decal


Got a bit of a tough one here, working on my SD40 & 45 today while I wait
for Ohio State to beat U Conn. tonite (ah, the things that one can sit and
do when the wife is out of town).  The horns are giving me a bit of trouble.
I ordered a set based off of what someone who "claimed to be in the know"
told me on PRR-talk but they are not right.  The ones that I have seen if
you view the front of the locomotive and start left to right appear to have
large forward horn, medium forward horn, and a small horn that points to the
rear of the loco.  The ones I was told to get (ordered sight unseen) have
the small horn in the middle.  Argh...

Anyone know which ones (in HO) I need, please?

Now, after wanting to be prototypically correct (is that like politically
correct?), I must confess that I am going to take a liberty with the C628.
I have given it a lot of thought and I can not bring myself to do in the
marker lights.  They are just too damn cool.  However, the horn looks
different with the kit and the photos I have seen have all of the horns
pointing forward, whilst the one in the kit has the middle one pointing to
the rear.

Now to get the SD40 & 45, PRR F7, and NYC GP20 done to start the ALCO,
weather a ton of freight cars and then build and detail the passenger cars
sitting in boxes.  Can do these now that Champ is re-running decals!

Got a card for a gentleman in PA that has PC letterset decals for sale, have
not called him yet.

A good weekend to all and happy modeling,


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