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PC: Portholes

	Concerning the port holes on E and F units. When I worked for 
the EL the portholes where removed from all the E units except one 
as they went through Hornell shops for major shop work. This I was 
told was due to corrosion. It was a lot cheaper to replace them with 
a plain panel then to buy a new porthole window panel from EMD.
	On F units during the final years as the side panels rusted out 
they where replaced with plywood. As the plywood aged the wood 
grain of the plywood was very easy to spot. 
	The PC I remember was the NE corridor between New York 
and Philly and the Bel-Del. As the Bel-Del was at first all Alco then 
they where replaced with GP-30 and GP-9B units I never go to see 
PC E or F units except on the NY&LB.
Bob Stafford

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