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PC: Horns-SD-40/45 &C-628

Hi All,
  I was reading Garrett Rea's comments on the air horns.  This prompted me
to start looking closely at the pictures I have of the SDs.  There are a
couple of different syles of horns on these units.  One matches the type
that Garrett was describing and the other looks like a Leslie RSL-3L-R.  At
least that's what I have put on my models of these units.  This is Details
West 235-190.  Garretts description of the other looks like the type of
horns that I put on my GP-30s.  I used Custom Finishing kit # 247-221.  This
is a kit that allows you to place the horns in any position. (all 3 forword,
2 forward, two long trumpets forward and short trumpent back, etc)  You can
super glue or perhaps solder these together.  These kits were a pain to put
together as the parts are so small which is one reason I stopped building
GP-30s.  I Think I got more ACC on my fingers than I did on the kit<G>
  The Horns on the C-628 looks like Overland part # 9007 to me.  At least
that's what's going on my Centuries.  For the horn platform I was planning
to use the platform from the Hancock Air Whitles kits that I have left.  I
used the horns on ex-NH GP-9s and H-16-44s.  The Overland horn is a little
more difficult to come across as alot of hobby shops don't carry the
Overland line.  I got my horns from Walt's Hobby Shop in Petersburg
  Any members of the protoype police are welcome to point out my errors(they
always do)

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