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Re: PC: What killed PC?

    It was too bad that PC died to people that like
to steal money from someone else.I love the PC. I believe if PC was
alive and well today, they would be a strong carrier (in my opinion).
Being PC used large power, we would see PC
C30-7s, Dash 9s, Dash 8s etc. I think also that
if PC would have trimmed off about 45% of lines that were not real
profitable, then they could have saved a lot of money. It's too bad that
the goverment didn't either consolidate under the PC name, maybe "The
Penn Central 
Transportation System"? Or take the money that the goverment created
Conrail with and 
divided it up to bail out all railroads so they be with us today. It's
too bad that when they painted the Conrail locos they didn't sub-letter
them to whom that had belonged.

 Ken R JR

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