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Re: PC: What killed PC?

"Kenneth Roble, Jr." <KenRJR -AT- webtv.net> wrote:
>     It was too bad that PC died to people that like
> to steal money from someone else.I love the PC. I believe if PC was
> alive and well today, they would be a strong carrier (in my opinion).
> Being PC used large power, we would see PC
> C30-7s, Dash 9s, Dash 8s etc. I think also that
> if PC would have trimmed off about 45% of lines that were not real
> profitable, then they could have saved a lot of money. It's too bad
> the goverment didn't either consolidate under the PC name, maybe "The
> Penn Central 
> Transportation System"? Or take the money that the goverment created
> Conrail with and 
> divided it up to bail out all railroads so they be with us today. It's
> too bad that when they painted the Conrail locos they didn't
> them to whom that had belonged.

At least Norfolk Southern will "sub-letter" the Conrail locomotives
and probably the equipment since they have done this since the old
Southern Railway days.

Orville Ingram
>  Ken R JR
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